Tuesday, July 30, 2019

My new computer!

Not only am I doing this a day late, but I've decided to go a different route and show the extreme power of this thing, by running Renegade-X at MAXIMUM GRAPHICS. This'll be a mostly image based thing, with bits of text inbetween describing some context.
Eat my GTX 2070, Renegade X, and make the hardware SCREAM~!
Out the window and into combat! Right out the gate, Renegade X stuns me with beautiful graphics and very breakable windows. I mean come on guys, at least Renegade took a bullet or four to get rid of a window.
My short lived buggy showed me all the sights I missed back in the day when I still had my Lenovo laptop that died. Also, to get back to my tank which I had died repairing. Not fun.
Unfortunately for this girl right here, intelligence was not her strong suit, and so her, in her quest to fire upon a building,she kept hitting this metal beam instead. And...
Apparently, the GDI harvester thought she looked nice and tried to get a BJ from her. I helped her out though. Not that the help mattered much, since she was blown to bits in seconds.
It should be stated that Renegade X's AI is horrendous. 80% of these AI are supposed to be attacking, not defending, and yet they're all bunched up on the airfield. It's like they want my artillery piece but don't want to part with their vehicles. Amateurs. Wait a minute, what is that stealth tank to the right doing?
I stole this helicopter. That'll teach you for stealing my artillery piece! Thank god they fixed the helicopter, now it doesn't fall out of the sky and is controllable. Too bad it won't last 10 minutes.
To wrap this up, I'm just going to post the two victory images because I'm tired and I've run out of things to say.

And that concludes this update. Thank you for looking at these pictures.



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