Thursday, August 15, 2019

Upscaled Super Mario 64 backgrounds download

Isn't that a beautiful sight? That is one of Super Mario 64's many backgrounds, and they're all just as good as the rest. However, this 2048x2048 image was originally 256x256. With the help of Boocaster's ripped backgrounds, I created 2048x2048 background images for desktop use, although the likelihood of these finding their use as such is likely limited. I just thought my work was great, so here's a link to download all ten and a few more that I really liked. 
Sorry I didn't have anything else to say.

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Friday, August 9, 2019

Quick late Thursday.

Are you still here? Oh good, I am so sorry I missed the deadline. Here, have this OpenRA custom map that I made and a replay to go with it. Apologies.


Thursday, August 1, 2019

A lesson in PHP:A navigation bar

What a wonderful navbar on my website, showing itself in all its glory. But, one may question how I designed such a navbar. Well, I'm here to tell you, on this "A lesson in PHP"!
Now, a lot of you probably know that I used to be on Neocities, at this URL, however I eventually moved seeing as it got too difficult for me to keep going on that website. Back then, EVERYTHING was done purely by HTML and CSS, and once you have too many pages(like I was planning), things would get too hard to redo. My move to InfinityFree was almost solely powered by the amount of pages I was planning, on top of the infinite hard drive space I'm given and the other features I was promised, such as having a forum(which is currently shut down thanks to BS involving a spambot). Before we get into how the internals of the PHP work, we have to understand a bit about the CSS and HTML of the old bar.

So, the old navbar's CSS is actually identical to the current navbar's CSS, just implemented slightly differently. We just have to worry about 3 elements under #nav. li, a, li a:hover. Li, just for the horizontal bar, a for the "active" tabs(the ones you haven't clicked but are active and not crossed out), and li a:hover, for the color difference when you hover over them.
As for the HTML, the idea was that on each page and subpage, I'd manually set the correct tab to ".active"(the light color), and then set everything else to a. While this achieved what I now have the PHP doing automatically, it meant whenever I updated the navbar, I would have to do this x-amount of times for EACH PAGE THAT HAD A NAVBAR. Given that I planned to do 9 main pages with a bunch of subpages, this would mean I would have to update each subpage on top of the main pages. Obviously, a no go, which is where PHP comes to handle this.
And now, useless conjecture aside, here is the part you were waiting for. In an include folder, a 983 byte file rests, labeled nav.php. This is included with every page. Now, what does nav.php do? To put it simply, it is the new navigational bar, that is loaded up on EVERY webpage. Let me break this page down for you.
$directory = array(1=>'Armed');
$currentpage = $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'];
$directory = explode("/", $currentpage);
 This is at the very start of the page. This effectively makes it so that there is an array named "directory" which has each and every current page. Although I only ever use the first part of this URL($directory[1]), one could theoretically use this to make expanding navbars, of which I have no plans to do right now. Let's say $directory[1] is called while you're on any part of the livechat page. The PHP code will receive the direction "hey, you're on the livechat page, let me do my code here."
if ($directory[1] == "index.html") {
echo '<a class="active" href="../index.html">Index</a>';
} elseif ($directory[1] == "") {
echo '<a class="active" href="../index.html">Index</a>';
} else {
echo '<a href="../index.html">Index</a>';
This code does something with the $directory[1] call. This asks, "hey, am I on index.html?" If it isn't, then it makes sure to check if it's on the first level(the first page you arrive at when you go to my website) of the website, and if it is, it just says "okay, well I'm on the index.html page anyways." The echo commands tell the browser "okay, this HTML goes here" after deciding where it is. In short, this is repeated numerous times(with the exception to the blog and Xboards link), each one checking where it is, to see if it's apart of the right group.
And that is how the navigation bar works on my website. Turn in next Thursday for another post!

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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

My new computer!

Not only am I doing this a day late, but I've decided to go a different route and show the extreme power of this thing, by running Renegade-X at MAXIMUM GRAPHICS. This'll be a mostly image based thing, with bits of text inbetween describing some context.
Eat my GTX 2070, Renegade X, and make the hardware SCREAM~!
Out the window and into combat! Right out the gate, Renegade X stuns me with beautiful graphics and very breakable windows. I mean come on guys, at least Renegade took a bullet or four to get rid of a window.
My short lived buggy showed me all the sights I missed back in the day when I still had my Lenovo laptop that died. Also, to get back to my tank which I had died repairing. Not fun.
Unfortunately for this girl right here, intelligence was not her strong suit, and so her, in her quest to fire upon a building,she kept hitting this metal beam instead. And...
Apparently, the GDI harvester thought she looked nice and tried to get a BJ from her. I helped her out though. Not that the help mattered much, since she was blown to bits in seconds.
It should be stated that Renegade X's AI is horrendous. 80% of these AI are supposed to be attacking, not defending, and yet they're all bunched up on the airfield. It's like they want my artillery piece but don't want to part with their vehicles. Amateurs. Wait a minute, what is that stealth tank to the right doing?
I stole this helicopter. That'll teach you for stealing my artillery piece! Thank god they fixed the helicopter, now it doesn't fall out of the sky and is controllable. Too bad it won't last 10 minutes.
To wrap this up, I'm just going to post the two victory images because I'm tired and I've run out of things to say.

And that concludes this update. Thank you for looking at these pictures.


Sunday, July 28, 2019

The Adventures of a Shitty Webmaster

As you may know, I have a website. That website is my pride and joy in terms of my programming skills. As you can tell, I have terrible programming skills. However, that does not mean I will settle for something not working(or even half-working.) When my website was shut down temporarily because of pornographic content being posted on my forums, I was pissed to discover that a few things on my website no longer worked after being restored. Specifically, my logo would no longer work and my index.css no longer wanted to update. This was all on my end, so naturally it wouldn't have affected others, but non-the-less I wanted it working for me too. Here's the example of my problems prior to me fixing them.

Now, as you can see, my navigation bar is fucked up on the #nav .inactive elements and my logo was failing to load. This wouldn't do in my eyes, however, so I began to work on index.css first. (This is a 521 "connection timed out" error on the logo.png, I'll explain how I fixed that.) It was a simple padding error, I had forgotten to include the padding on #nav .inactive, so I added the padding. However... Upon clicking save and reloading the website, I discovered it did not update. Taking a look at the site's index.css revealed that for whatever reason, the saved css file was not wanting to update on my website. However, when I asked someone else to visit my website, they gave me this image.
At first, I thought "meh, it works on their end", but the longer I looked at my index page, and the logo not loading on the rest of my website, the more I became PISSED at it. This wouldn't do, what was this garbage anyways!? So, I enlisted the help of my dad, who had yet another computer to test this one(surprise, it wasn't working on there either, so it had something to do with my internet), and I began to implement comments and lines of code on both the index.css and the index.html, of which, only index.html was updating at all. Eventually, I tried this. I copied the entirety of the index.css and put it into a file named copyin.css. That worked. This was after I tried renaming the index.css to copyin.css which did not work. So yay! I now have a functional website on the navbar! Apply that page to the logo with logofix.png and bam, everything is finally as it should be. And it looks beautiful.

Mini update that I might as well include here:A close friend of mine by the name of TEHLEROY has decided to join my efforts to make a small community blog here, and thus I've added a lot of stuff related to them. Welcome them when they finally make a post!


Thursday, July 25, 2019

New Blog!

Hi everyone! As you may know, I've been extremely inactive on Vidlii. I plan to change this. Life issues have gotten in the way for too long I say! So, I've decided that I will now, every week, provide a new blog post here to give you an insight into my life and to tell you guys I'm still alive... If you even care anymore about me, that is. It won't just be every week, but there'll be a guaranteed post every Thursday, unless I say so, but even then, I'll make sure to post it.

New video coming eventually, I'm so sorry for the wait, but currently, my only good PC is dead thanks to the charger port being broken, so I'm getting a new fancy MSI one. I'll post pictures of it when it arrives.

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